My Passion For Photography is Stronger Than Ever

It has been over a year since my last blog, Photography as an Outlet.

Unfortunately, life has continued to send curveballs my way with the chronic conditions that I struggle with. I, of course, did not expect to still be bed-bound after two years and eight months, and to say it has taken its toll is quite an understatement.

Nonetheless, I would say that I am more passionate about the world of photography now than I was before becoming completely bed-bound. Of course, I have been creating a lot fewer images, but now, more than ever, I do not take one single frame for granted. It truly is such a blessing to have a passion that I am wholly dedicated to pursuing in life. But, during this time, I have learnt an awful lot of life lessons and also in regards to my photography when looking back at previous work.

Despite all of the hurdles that have occurred the past few years with various health issues popping up, that spark inside me to create (thankfully) has not withered.

Hence, I continue with the ongoing project, ‘Process of Time; Same view, different perspective’, to show the same view I have from my bed, but a perspective that has changed due to the camera in my hands. It also demonstrates the restrictions that I have capturing images and being held back by my circumstances.

Due to those extreme restrictions, it will be a tremendous occasion when I am at long last able to access a wheelchair and see the outside world with a new sense of wonder! It is something that cannot come soon enough.

8 responses to “My Passion For Photography is Stronger Than Ever”

  1. Julia Pasaron avatar
    Julia Pasaron

    Darling so good to hear from you!!!!!!!

    How are you doing?

    Big kiss and hug,

    Julia x Julia Pasaron Editor I-M Intelligent Magazine

    IG: @intelligent_magazine FB: I-M Intelligent Magazine



    1. Thank you, Julia. I appreciate the comment. It’s difficult, but, photography is a true constant in my life, which is truly what I need. To have an outlet and a way of being creative is very important.


  2. You reminded me to stand in one spot and pivot, to change my viewpoint but to remain in place… I look forward to being more appreciative of where I am and why I am… I took on a huge assignment (as I could work totally by myself and not be exposed to others) the first of December when a manufacture/wholesaler of a unique item found themselves unable to figure out their processes, having been held “hostage” by a difficult employee in place who had quietly changed everything to only her access… she almost destroyed the company… it’s been a long 60 days but they are up and running, business has increased 71% and most of the pipelines are cleared, accessible – but, during that angst filled 60 days I laid my camera down and forgot about nurturing me. Thank you, sincerely, for reminding me that my constant in life, the joy I find through my camera, needs to be placed front and center, and nurtured… Looking forward to a day when we can meet over tea and I can say, “Thank you” in person.

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    1. Wow! Well, firstly, you’re more than welcome, Kate! It sounds like life has been very hectic for you lately and you truly deserve that time to nurture yourself, your creativity and the constant in your life. I’m glad that photography is your constant too.
      Secondly, thank you for leaving such an incredibly thoughtful and kind comment, I appreciate it an awful lot. I would very much like that, Kate. A hot drink and chatting about photography does sound lovely. 📷💙
      Also, do you have Instagram? It would be great to follow your work too.


  3. Hi Hannah, you continue to be an inspiration. Great shots of the succulent, too!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it’s greatly appreciated.
      I do love photographing botanicals and most especially succulents. Hopefully, I can capture some more very soon. 🤞📷


  4. Hi Hannah, your words and photography are truly inspiring, looking forward to seeing more of your work. Have you thought of exhibiting your photos and your story somewhere locally in Exeter?

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    1. Hi Maria, thank you so much for your kind words. Once I’m able to access a wheelchair again, I would love to exhibit my work and story of chronic illness locally. A friend mentioned that it would be a great time to raise awareness for severe M.E.
      I do hope you’re doing well, Maria.


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