I’m Working on a Book!

‘Chronic Elements’ is a collaborative book that’s currently in the works, it is a combination of my photography and fellow chronic illness warrior Rochelle Hanslow’s talent for poetry.

To team up with such a wonderful writer and then combine our creative passions to create something positive from painful times is an incredible thing. It truly is a collaboration of creativity, and in the words of the book’s cover, it is “poetry and photography merged to forget the ailments and embrace the elements”.

Working on this brilliant project gives me such a much-needed positive focus, it’s such an important aspect of life (especially when you’re chronically ill and bed-bound), to have aims and distractions when times are difficult. I’m simply grateful for this opportunity and outlet for my work.

Rochelle and I are both long-term members of the chronic illness community and have discussed at length this fantastic project to connect our passions in life in the form of Rochelle’s evocative poetry and my photography surrounding the theme of the elements. We have also decided to donate 20% of any profits made to Mind – a charity to support those struggling with their mental health.

Preorders are now available at- https://www.madeyouco.com/product/chronic-elements-a-collaboration-of-creativity/

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