A Re-Introduction

It’s taken me quite a while to set up a brand new photography website. But, finally, I’ve taken the leap into creating a WordPress site. I’ll be using this mainly to display my work, alongside evolving the blogging aspect.

So, a re-introduction, to myself and my work…

I’m an extremely passionate photographer, with my love of this particular art form growing since I was a young child, then as I entered adulthood, my creativity became a true outlet, allowing me to have the tools to cope in an effective way with what life has thrown my way.

In early 2019, I was fortunate enough to create three limited edition issues of a music magazine, it certainly was an awful lot of work to undertake, but I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish with Exeter Uncovered.

Pattern Pusher cover shoot for Issue 1 of Exeter Uncovered.
Dead Ground cover shoot for Issue 2 of Exeter Uncovered.
Sadie Horler cover shoot for Issue 3 of Exeter Uncovered.

With my health deteriorating significantly in the past two years especially, this means I’m unfortunately completely bed-bound, making it much more difficult to fully expand my creative horizons. Hence why, I’m no longer working on Exeter Uncovered and I have had to completely pivot my photography and the work I can currently create.

I’m working on a long standing project called ‘The Process of Time’, which I’ll be talking about in an upcoming blog post. As well as taking a great interest in food photography, as this is something I can capture, despite being bed-bound.

There’s another area of photographic work that I’m extremely passionate about embarking upon, especially as it’s a project that I can actively pursue, regardless of my circumstances.

With the incredible fundraiser that a friend created, it has allowed me to fund the correct lighting for such work. I can’t thank everyone enough for the true generosity I’ve been shown, with such great support from everyone, it makes me incredibly grateful for those who take an interest in my work and the things that I’d love to achieve within the field of photography.

Gingerbread cookies from local vegan patisserie- The Lin Den.
Organic beetroot test shoot.

It’s brilliant to finally have a new website set up, and to have the pleasure of blogging on my own platform once again. It’s certainly still all a work in progress.

Keep strong and stay safe amongst these strange times that we’re currently all living through. Here’s hoping that 2021 will be a much brighter year.

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